83°17.48'E 74°48.40'W 74°47.26'N  
74°43.30'W   4°35.53'N 43°25.30'N  
43°2.48'N   41°13.43'N 40°19.33'N  


In this series, I view the painting not as a solution but as evidence of action. I focus on the act of making as a projection of interior experience. Working from above, I rub a layer of color with my hands into the canvas as I move around the worktable. There is a synchronized communication between touch–my hands, and the physical surface of the canvas, the visible color and marks. Moving from one canvas to the next, I add and remove paint, leaving traces, ghost lines of my movements over the surface. Over time, and after many layers of paint, a terrain forms on the canvas, the end result of this modeling process. When complete, I name the resulting typography after remembered place of personal significance. The title identifies the recreated place through either longitude or latitude coordinates.

Detroit, Michigan